Bob Holly was a controversial figure in WWE. From his rep as a bully backstage to his strange gimmicks and run ins with almost everyone.

The description for the show reads:

Nobody has a story like Bob Holly. From quitting his job to wrestle to quitting wrestling to get a job and back again, he got his big break out of nowhere and felt like he was going nowhere as “Thurman ‘Sparky’ Plugg” for Vince McMahon. Bruce discusses Bob’s claims of poor pay from the company in 1994, dropped Thurman for Bob, the real life racing situation that wasn’t just a gimmick, his brief IC situation with Jarrett, why the Waltman tag title win happened, his run-ins with the Kliq, the JOB Squad, the Hardcore Championship, Crash, BB, Molly, Kurt Angle breaking his arm, Brock Lesnar breaking his neck, when and how the Tough Enough situation happened, the fall out from that both good and bad, being recruited by Eric Bischoff, the huge gash on his back on ECW TV, the rumored fight with Rene Dupree, standing up to Vince, the pill rumor involving Ken Anderson, his heat with Cody, and his legacy in the business! I GOT AN IDEAL! Why don’t you listen to over three hours of Hardcore Holly!