As we always do, in our daily look at WWE rumors and speculation about the world of professional wrestling, we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to providing the most up-to-date news, rumors, buzz and innuendo about your favorite stars.

Today we’re talking Daniel Bryan and The Miz, Chris Jericho to Impact Wrestling, Jonathan Coachman missing Raw (again) and what’s taking so long to debut SAnitY on SmackDown Live.

Here is the latest in the WWE Rumor Buzz for June 5, 2018.

Callihan and Jericho Working Together?

The seemingly random promo that Sami Callihan cut on Chris Jericho may not be so random. It is rumored that Impact Wrestling is heavily involved in Callihan’s idea to get booked on Chris Jericho’s cruise and that this may be a long-term play to try and get Jericho to consider Impact as a possible destination.

Some are suggesting this is just a way for Jericho to involve his friend Don Callis’ — a co-executive producer for Impact Wrestling — with the cruise without appearing like he’s working with another WWE competitor but Jericho has a solid relationship with Vince McMahon and it doesn’t feel like he would have to be sneaky like this. The likelihood is, Jericho would run this idea by McMahon first.

SAnitY Debut Delayed


Speculation from Wrestling Observer and elsewhere is that Sanity’s SmackDown Live television debut could be delayed due to trademark issues WWE is dealing with. It is uncertain as to what those trademark issues are as the company has been using these names on WWE programming for some time but something is holding off their debut as it was set to be some time ago.

Miz and Daniel Bryan To Get Rolling

Fans have been waiting for some time for The Miz and Daniel Bryan to finally lock up inside a WWE ring. The company has been holding off on these two getting together since Bryan’s return but rumors are Money in the Bank may be the location for that feud to pick back up again. According to the Wrestling Observer Live, The Miz is expected to interfere in the match and start their battle towards SummerSlam. Speculation is that Miz might cost Bryan his match with Big Cass.

These two started feuding at Talking Smack and since that time, both Bryan and Miz meeting in the ring has been somewhat of a dream match for WWE fans.

The Coach Done Missing Raw

Those who watched Raw on Monday noticed that Jonathan Coachman was once again gone from the commentary team, replaced by David Otunga. He’s been missing episodes thanks to his other job with the Golf Channel. But, Coachman did note that he’s not going to be missing any more Raws for some time.

There has been a mixed reaction to his return to WWE. Some find that his profile as a bigger crossover star is helpful. Others have suggested he’s not very strong in the role yet and needs to pick up his game.