“Genre-bending” is the only way to describe Deafheaven, the quintet hailing from San Francisco, and their new release Ordinary Corrupt Human Love does not disappoint. Deafheaven is always working within the realm of shoe gaze-indie-black metal, but Ordinary Corrupt Human Love sees the band expanding their sound to include hooks and grand pianos that bring a happier vibe to their sound, even with the addition of Chelsea Wolfe on some vocals.


The track “You Without End” leads audiences into a world of epic 80s ballads and pop sensibilities you would attribute to an artist across the pond like Katie Melua. A British-sound is a heavy influence on the album as Deafheaven pushes their tracks, building them until an epic payoff similar to that of British band Animal Nightlife. It’s also easy to hear a lot of influence coming from Canadian group F&cke%d Up, who aren’t strangers to redefining the indie rock genre. The technicality of Deafheaven is almost deafening. There are layers upon layers of hidden intricacies that require the album to be on constant rotation.

This is not the album you would have expected if only passing by the single released a few weeks ago. Early fans of the band might see Deafheaven’s new sound as a sell-out of sorts, but I would say Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is the bands most accomplished work. With Slowdive, Swervedriver, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Suede shaping the landscape of music once again, it’s nice to see a relatively new band like Deafheaven take the torch from the greats in terms of creating genre-defying music. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love will quickly jump the ranks of top albums of 2018. Now please excuse me I have to go spin this album again.