In a media scrum that is probably the definition of too much information, head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets revealed that Artemi Panarin would not be playing in the Blue Jackets game versus the Montreal Canadiens tonight. Immediate speculation was that the team might be pulling him like the Senators just announced they were pulling Matt Duchene to protect a trade asset but Tortorella claimed that was not the case.

Telling media that they need not worry and to squash any possible trade speculation, the coach said he was sick. Specifically, he said, “I was told he’s sick, puking… he shit his pants, he was puking, he was doing everything… He’s sick as a dog.”

Understandably, the media wanted to know why Panarin was out considering he’s one of the names to watch in the NHL heading into the trade deadline on Feb. 25, but perhaps they’ll be a bit more cautious about what they ask because the answer was a bit too detailed.

Panarin’s illness certainly won’t affect his trade value over the next six days and he’ll continue to remain a popular rumor candidate as other names come off the board.