In a night of surprises, Matt Hardy made for the second shocker of news as he returned to WWE and teamed up with Jeff Hardy for the first time in over a year.

Not long ago, Hardy teased that he might be moving on from WWE by tweeting a photo of himself holding two non-WWE titles. He hinted he’d be fine outside WWE and said his contract was coming due in March. Clearly, WWE either decided to keep him around or they are setting something up for his departure in a few days because, without any notice, Hardy teamed with his brother and took on The Bar on SmackDown Live.

Hardy looked to be in great shape, showed very little signs of ring rust and got a huge ovation from the live WWE crowd. If he’s back, it will be interesting to see where WWE takes his character. Will they keep teaming him with Jeff Hardy? Or, will they try to reboot the Broken character?

It certainly has been a couple of eventful days in WWE. Between the return of Batista, Matt Hardy and Kevin Owens, one has to wonder what else the company has planned for surprises.