For fans who watched Tuesday’s edition of SmackDown Live, they were surprised to see Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy team up as a tag team once again when they defeated The Bar. Not only was it shocking to see Matt return, but it was an unannounced treat.

After their victory, Matt and Jeff were interviewed discussing their return.

While Matt had taken to social media to let fans know his contract was done as of March 2019, the buzz after the appearance is that WWE has invoked a clause in the Hardy’s contracts that will see the deals roll over for one more year. The Hardy’s signed a two-year deal back in 2017 just prior to making their return at WrestleMania 33 and those deals include third-year year option.

It appears WWE has picked those options up and speculation is that a healthy pay increase was added for both WWE Superstars.

For fans who are excited to have Matt Hardy back, the news comes with a bit of a downer for Broken/Woken Hardy fans. Matt has stated he’ll be setting that gimmick to the side for the time being and focus on his partnership with Jeff as they try and battle for the SmackDown Live tag team championships on the blue brand.

Down the road, we may see the Woken gimmick return, but for now, that’s not in the cards. They are once again the Hardy Boyz and WWE hopes they gain as much steam as they did upon their initial return in 2017.