Just about three months away from the NHL Entry Draft the draft looks like it could be wide open. So too, after the first 31 picks, the talent pool seems to be quite interchangeable and who goes where is anyone’s guess, most of it dependent on team needs.

From what I wrote in preseason to January’s top 124 prospects, things have changed and names have climbed the ranks. Among them, Philip Broberg jumped 53 spots to 20 and London Knights’ forward Connor McMichael hopped into the top 36.

Now in March, both Broberg and McMichael are in different spots again. They’re joined by a number of players making their debut on this month’s rankings.


There are a number of writers ranking draft-eligible players these days. I am merely one of them and while I haven’t had the opportunity to watch each of these players play live, the use of video and other writer’s input helps me rank where each of these players should go on my list.

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Feel free to leave your thoughts on this month’s rankings. Did I miss anyone, are there players you believe I should have ranked in a different spot? Be sure to leave your thoughts by commenting below.