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Why So Many Coaches In The NHL Are Being Fired

If you we consider in 2017-18, no coaches were fired during the season at all, it’s hard to fathom how, to date, McLellan, John Stevens (LA), Joel Quenneville (Chicago) and Mike Yeo (St. Louis) have all been let go and most before the respective teams hit the 20-game mark of the 2018-19 regular season.

Are the Sabres Better Than the Maple Leafs?

Are the Buffalo Sabres better than the Toronto Maple Leafs? By the way, CBS Sports Cody Benjamin’s Nov. 21st power rankings had the Maple Leafs second and the Sabres sixth, but that was before the Maple Leafs’ consecutive losses to the Hurricanes and the Blue Jackets.

What the Oilers Can Expect from Chris Wideman

Picked up from the Ottawa Senators for a conditional 6th-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft, Edmonton wanted to add puck-moving ability and speed to their defensive core. It sounds like new coach Ken Hitchcock wants to see that potential offensive prowess in action.

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